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Home Road safety and luggage

Road safety and luggage

Road safety and luggage

The problem of luggage is connected to the duration of the trip and personal habits that influence the dimensions and weight. It is a good idea to avoid excessive protrusions and unbalanced loads. It is advisable to use special side bags or tank bags to help keep the motorbike stable. Well organized luggage reduces riding fatigue and fuel consumption. In spring, on mountain roads, you are advised to keep the visor of your helmet closed to prevent insects suddenly becoming a danger. Given the inconsistency of grip, always proceed with care on winding roads and do not trust the trajectory of roads that may seem predictable.

Finally, carry out regular maintenance of you motorbike before departure, with particular attention to all consumable materials.

Emergency numbers:

118 Medical emergency
113 Polizia
112 Carabinieri
117 Guardia di Finanza
115 Vigili del Fuoco
803116 Soccorso stradale A.C.I. Italian Automobile Club
803803 Soccorso stradale VAI Europe Assistance

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