Ruote Libere - La Sicilia in moto

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Ruote Libere means Free Wheels - Sicily by motorcycle

Only a Sicilian biker can offer advice to another biker on the road.
Freewheels offers the experience of a group of motorcyclists 20 years of experience in travel and short outings.

Our Roadbook collects valuable advice for motorcycle holidays in Sicily and meets the curiosity of those who want to discover the area's resources, culture and gastronomic traditions of Sicily. The counseling service also featured the accompaniment accompaniment of the groups (10 min bike) and rental bikes.



If you subscribe membership card RL, besides discounts in hotels, you'll receive our personalized roadbook  of your trip. The roadbook includes useful informations to don't loose the best places, to taste the better gastronomic specialities, to enjoy an unknow beach, or to stop to take a special photo.


Ruote Libere on TV



The escort service is reserved for groups of 10 moto. A sicilian bikers will guide and show you the land resources during the trip.



During the winter months, specific equipment for the rain is recommended. In July and August, given the high temperatures, avoiding long journeys during the hottest part of the day is advised. In these months it is a good idea to drink a lot of water, not to smoke much, and to protect yourself from the sun with clothes that retain moisture.

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